Below is a sample of reputable links with more information on the death penalty and other issues surrounding the work we do in New Mexico
General Information
» Death Penalty Information Center is a comprehensive online source of information about the death penalty.
» National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty provides invaluable information about the death penalty movement and links to all state abolition group in the U.S.
» Equal Justice USA is a national group which oversee the Moratorium Now! Campaign and produces reports on related death penalty topics.
» Amnesty International provides comprehensive, international information on capital punishment.
» Witness to Innocence supports innocent people released from death row to speak out against the death penalty.
» Campaign to End the Death Penalty works for commutations and stays of executions.
For Murder Victim Family Members
» Murder Victims Families for Reconciliation connects those opposed to the death penalty.
» Murder Victims Families for Human Rights works nationally and internationally with family members.
» The Center for Traumatic Grief and Victims Services works with families who have lost someone to murder but does not take a position on the death penalty.
» The Journey of Hope unites survivors to speak against the death penalty.
Faith Resources
» Faith in Action Against the Death Penalty are resources provided by Amnesty International.
» The Catholic Campaign to End the Use of the Death Penalty is organized by the U.S.Conference of Catholic Bishops.
» Religious Organizing Against the Death Penalty is sponsored by the American Friends Service Committee provides information about how Quakers work to oppose capital punishment.
» Catholics Against Capital Punishment provides a grassroots perspective on organizing.
» Unitarian Universalists Against the Death Penalty includes sermons under the resources section.