The Mission of the NM Murder Victim Family Advocacy Project

The death penalty has been repealed and replaced with true life without parole in New Mexico.  While monitoring and defending repeal, we will continue to educate the community about the death penalty and advocate for expanded services for the families of murder victims- the first such program in the country.


The New Mexico Murder Victim Family Advocacy Project just completed a year-long campaign designed to identify services available in NM, connect service providers, create materials for survivors and solidify a process for the continued sharing of resources for victim family members.  Ensuring New Mexico is a state that cares about murder victim family members solidifies our abolition victory and paves the way to honestly deal with tragedy in our community.


The legislation we support includes bills that would protect employees when they must take time from work to attend court hearings or trials, support the education of children who have had a parent murdered, and increase funding to the NM Crime Victims Reparation Commission for services to families of murder victims.


Recognizing the link between abolition of the death penalty and the necessary and often underfunded services for victims’ families is part of NM Repeal’s Victims’ Families First Campaign.